Company Directory Pro

Add a public facing Staff Directory to your website or quickly create a Private Intranet for your team.

Company Directory Pro is the upgraded edition of the popular Company Directory WordPress plugin. It adds tons of new features to Company Directory including over the Grid and Table layouts, Custom Fields, Import & Export, LDAP import, Advanced Search, and more.

When your staff gets so large that you can’t remember that guy’s name in accounting, it’s time to use Company Directory Pro to help your staff and website visitors track down the person they need for help.

Company Directory Pro reduces the time and energy required to track down the right person in your organization by allowing you to easily manage and display your Staff or Faculty using one of three unique layouts— List, Grid, and Table.

It also features the Custom Fields add-on, which allows you to modify the fields which are collected for each Staff Member. Custom Fields are also available in the Advanced Search form and in custom templates.

Features Include:

  • Easily Create and Manage your Staff or Faculty members!
  • Add Photos, Contact Information, and More!
  • Two New Unique Layouts: the Table and Grid views!
  • Custom Fields: Change the information collected for each Staff Member
  • Easily Style Output using our Custom CSS Options!
  • Advanced Search: Provide an advanced search form to search by any of your custom fields.
  • Supports Unlimited Staff Members
  • Easily import existing Staff Members via CSV, Excel file, or Active Directory / LDAP
  • Scheduled Imports – Import your staff from CSV, Active Directory, LDAP, or via WordPress filter on a recurring basis.
  • Outstanding Support from Our Developers!

And more! Every purchase of Company Directory Pro includes a full year of free updates.

See It In Action

Company Directory Pro can display your staff in a variety of ways. Below are examples of the Staff Grid Style and the Staff Table styles, both of which are highly customizable.

For more examples, visit our Examples Page.

Staff Grid Example

Example Photo of Staff Member

Sally Becton

Chief Executive Officer

Example Staff Member Photo

Larry Bowen

Chief Operating Officer

Elizabeth A. Fabian

Chief Financial Officer

Example Staff Member Photo

Maria Juarez

Chief Information Officer

Walter Salmon

VP Marketing

Example Staff Member Photo

Celia Walton

VP Sales

Staff Table Example

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Unlimited Staff Yes Yes Yes
Custom Templates Yes Yes Yes
Custom Fields Yes Yes Yes
List, Table & Grid Layouts Yes Yes Yes
Search by Department Yes Yes Yes
Import & Export Staff from 200+ file types (e.g., CSV, TSV, Excel) Yes Yes Yes
Import Staff from LDAP / Active Directory Yes Yes Yes
Technical Support for a Full Year Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Updates for a Full Year Yes Yes Yes
Supports WordPress Multisite No Yes Yes
Support Response Time Standard Priority Priority
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my license automatically renew?

Yes! When you purchase one of our plugins, you purchase a 1 year renewing license to the chosen plugin. You may cancel your license at any time and still receive your full free year of support. You can login to your dashboard at any time to manage your license and subscription, including cancelling your subscription or changing your payment method.

When your license renewal date is approaching, we will send you an email reminder. All licenses are renewed at a 30% discount.

Will my plugin keep working with an expired license?

Yes – our plugins are designed to continue functioning even if your license key expires. However, due to the nature of software updates (such as WordPress and other plugins), there is the possibility that the plugin will eventually stop working due to other updates within WordPress or related plugins.

What are the differences between the Personal, Business, and Agency licenses?

The Agency and Business licenses are valid for more than one website, and include priority support. The Agency and Business licenses are also compatible with WordPress MultiSite. Otherwise, all licenses include all features.

We do our best to answer all support requests quickly, but customers with Agency and Business licenses can expect faster responses.

Can you help me install my plugins?

Absolutely! Just contact support and we’ll be happy to help. We’ll need at least a username and password for your WordPress installation, and possibly FTP access.

How can I contact support?

Please visit our support page to send us an email. We are usually able to respond within one business day.

Do you issue refunds?

Yes. We offer a full 30-day money back guarantee for all of our plugins. If you need help with a refund, please contact support.

I wanted to say that the customer service and support from George was simply amazing; very glad I found this plugin!  

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