Company Directory FAQs

Do you support CSV import / export?

Yes, but only in the Pro version of Company Directory.

Hey! The Single Staff Member View isn’t quite matching my theme – what do I do?

Our plugin supports creating your own templates, and it includes one by default for the Single Staff Member view. If the Default HTML isn’t right for you, go to the /staff-directory/templates/ folder and copy the file named “single-staff-member.php” to your Theme directory. From there, you can modify this file as needed to get the HTML to work with your specific Theme.

Can I use my own custom templates?

Yes! You can use your own templates for the staff list shortcode, the content of single staff member pages, and the staff search results page.

To do so, navigate to the wp-content/plugins/staff-directory-pro/templates/ folder (note: this will vary a bit depending on your installation). In that folder you’ll find a template file for staff-list.php and single-staff-member-content.php, which correspond to the [staff_list] shortcode and the single staff member pages, respectively.

To create a search staff results page, navigate to your theme’s folder copy index.php or search.php to search-staff-members.php, and make a visible change. Confirm that you see the visible change when searching for staff members. If you are, you’ve setup the template right!

Make a copy of the template you’d like to modify in your theme’s directory, and change it as much or as little as you want. The plugin will automatically detect your template and use it instead.

Please be aware, we do modify the base templates periodically, to add new features or make fixes. You will be responsible for keeping your custom templates up to date, but we will do our best to make it easy for you.

Who is Illuminati Karate?

Illuminati Karate, Inc., is the parent company of You may see the name Illuminati Karate on or in various bits of documentation. Don’t worry! It’s just us.

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