How to Display a Submit Your Testimonial Form

To output a Submit Your Testimonial form with Easy Testimonials Pro, read the following steps.

You can output a Submit Your Testimonial Form in a Page or a Post by using our Shortcodes. Our shortcodes can be easily generated using our Shortcode Generator, under our Options screen, or by clicking the Testimonial button above the Edit pane and using our Widget to generate the shortcode. You can also use our Widgets in any widgetized area of your website.

  • NOTE: This feature requires the Pro version of Easy Testimonials.
  • To display the Testimonial Submission Form, use the following shortcode:

    // Show a Submit Your Testimonial form
    // Show a Submit Your Testimonial form that sets
    // the WordPress author of each testimonial to User ID 3
    [submit_testimonial testimonial_author_id='3']
    // Show a Submit Your Testimonial form that submits 
    // Testimonials to the 'easy-testimonials' category
    [submit_testimonial submit_to_category='easy-testimonials']
  • Any submissions will be added to your Testimonials list, on the back end, as pending Testimonials. Only Testimonials that you choose to publish will be displayed publicly.
  • Captcha support is enabled with the installation of the Really Simple Captcha plugin, or with Google’s ReCaptcha.
  • Front End Image Submission is enabled via a checkbox on the Submission Form Options tab.
  • Labels, descriptions, and visibility of fields can be controlled via the Submission Form Options screen.

Using Spam Prevention with Easy Testimonials Pro

Easy Testimonials Pro supports Spam Prevention on the Testimonial Collection Form. Visit here for information on using Spam Prevention in Easy Testimonials Pro.