Locations Pro FAQs

How Do I Obtain an API Key for Google Maps?

First, this only matters if you are using the Store Locator built into the Pro Version! If you aren’t, don’t worry about it! OK – to get an API key, follow Google’s instructions, here:

How Do I Hide Fields From Display?

We only display fields that have data – to hide a field, just keep it blank! Also, be sure you are choosing the correcty Display options when creating your shortcode or setting up your widget.

How Do I Display A Map With My Location?

Easy! Just check the Show Map checkbox under your Location’s information or on the Widget panel.

Who is Illuminati Karate?

Illuminati Karate, Inc., is the parent company of GoldPlugins.com. You may see the name Illuminati Karate on PayPal.com or in various bits of documentation. Don’t worry! It’s just us.

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