WP Social Pro FAQs

When I Input My API Key and Email, My Plugin Still Says it Isn’t Registered!

Sometimes, when a user tries to register their plugin, they aren’t able to. This can happen for a few different reasons:

  • Your API Key is entered incorrectly: sometimes, a user will remove the prefix from their key. For example, if your key is loc_pro_aae5efbd02 then you need to use the whole key; don’t remove the part that says loc_pro_
  • Your Email Address is entered incorrectly: our registration fields are case-sensitive! Often, a user will enter an e-mail address one way when paying and another way when registering. You need to be sure the e-mail address is an exact match, including uppercase and lowercase characters, otherwise registration will fail.
  • You’ve entered the incorrect e-mail address: sometimes, a user will use a different e-mail address during payment than they use on the site (such as using their own e-mail address when buying a plugin for a client.) For registration to be successful, you have to use the same Email address that you used during purchase.

I have a question! How can I get help?

We would love to help!

Pro customers should email any and all questions to [email protected], and we’ll be happy to help.

If you haven’t upgraded yet and are still using the free version, you can try the WordPress Support Forum – other users might be able to help you there, and we regularly monitor this forum as well.

How do I Make My Personal Page a Facebook Page?

Follow the steps, here: https://www.facebook.com/help/175644189234902/

Our plugin is designed to work with Public Facebook Pages — not Personal Pages.  If you are using a Personal Page with our software, the feed will not load.

I Have My Feed Configured And Displaying On My Page, But There Are No Images!

OK! Typically, you just need to check under Display Options and be sure you don’t have the Hide Feed Images option checked. If so, the images are hidden!

Heyo! I swear I updated my Feed, but I don’t see anything changing!

No worries! We have a caching timer set to 15 minutes. Make sure you’ve waited for the cache to clear out!

Urk! How to find my Album’s ID for outputting a photo gallery?

OK, try this: looking at the following url, you want to grab the number that appears directly after “set=a.” and before the next period –

In this case, the Facebook Album ID is ’539627829386059′.

Can I embed the feed in a page?

Yes! You can embed this feed in a page by using the Shortcode to do so.

I Want All Of My Posts Visible — Not Contained In A Box!

Try using the “No Style” theme — this will output everything in a list. You can also turn off the Like Button, Feed Title, and Profile Pic to have it look more like a list of posts.

I see this plugin uses caching. Do I need to do anything for this?

Nope! Thanks to the WordPress Transient API, all you have to do is sit back and relax and we’ll do the rest!

Hey! I need more control over the styling of my feed, but I don’t know CSS!

Look for the long list of options under the heading “Style Options”. You will be able to use these to control font size and color for all of the different text elements, feed width and height for the in page and sidebar versions each, and more being added all the time!

Other people’s posts are showing up on my wall! How do I stop it?

If you are using the Free version of the plugin, you’ll need to purchase WP Social Pro first. Once installed, look for the option titled “Only Show Page Owner’s Posts”. When that is checked, these posts will be hidden from view.

Instead of a Like Button, all I see is “Error”!

That probably means the URL you’ve given the Like Button is invalid. Sometimes this happens in the feed widget, if the URL isn’t a valid Facebook Page.

I’ve set an image width on the options page, but it isn’t working!

No worries! Did you include any non-integer characters? Be sure the width is just something like “250″ (ignore the quotes) – you don’t need to include “px”.

So what’s up with this ‘Publicly Accessible Page’ thing?

OK, so here’s the deal:

Your Facebook Feed needs to come from a Publicly Accessible Facebook page. If your page is Private, or if you have an Age Limit set that thus requires the user to login, the plugin won’t be able to display the feed data (it will instead just display the page title, like button, and profile pic – even that can be dependent upon your settings.)

Here’s how to test if your page is Public or Private:

Logout of Facebook and then try to visit the Facebook Page in question. If Facebook wants you to login to be able to view the Feed, then this page is not Publicly Accessible. You just need to update the Page’s relevant settings so that it is.

Ack! All I see is ‘IK FB: Please check your settings.’ – what do I do?

It’s all good! This just means there is no feed data – this could be due to bad settings, including a bad Page ID, App ID, or Secret Key. Be sure to check your Facebook Page’s Privacy Settings, too! Check the plugin instructions for help (or send us a message if you think it’s an error.)

Sometimes, we also see people that have options set in a way that are blocking their feeds from displaying. For example, if the Show Only Events option is checked, under the Display Options tab, and you have no Events to display in your feed, then you will receive the error message on the Help screen.

Help! I need an App ID/Secret Key!

OK! We have a great page with some helpful information here.

Follow the information on that page to Create A Simple Facebook App – you’ll be guided along the way to get your App ID, Secret Key, and any other info you may need.

Who is Illuminati Karate?

Illuminati Karate, Inc., is the parent company of GoldPlugins.com. You may see the name Illuminati Karate on PayPal.com or in various bits of documentation. Don’t worry! It’s just us.

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