The Dashboard

The Dashboard page is at the heart of Curbside Pickup Pro. It is intended to be left open in your browser, to help your staff coordinate deliveries as they arrive.

Accessing the Dashboard

The Dashboard can be found under the Curbside Pickup menu in your WordPress dashboard.

From here you can see which customers are outside waiting for pick-up right now, which customers should be coming soon, and who is a no show. All of these panels can be shown or hidden via the Curbside Pickup Settings page.

From the Dashboard, click on any order to mark it complete, reschedule it, cancel it, or add notes. (More explanation of these features can be found on their respective help pages).

Features Overview

The Dashboard shows customers who are expected to arrive to your business today. It organizes those customers into several groups, which are:

Customers Waiting For Pickup Now

This group of customers is your highest priority – they have clicked their personalized link and checked-in, signifying that they are at your location and ready to pick-up their order.

Missed Pickup Time

These customers had a scheduled time over 30 minutes ago, but they have not arrived.

Expected Soon

These customers have a scheduled time within the next hour.

Scheduled Later Today

These customers have a pick-up time scheduled today, but over an hour from now.

Scheduled For Tomorrow

A list of the orders you have scheduled for pickup tomorrow.