Easy Testimonials Pro FAQs

How do I change the Width of my Testimonials?

Easy! Just add the attribute width=500px or width=33% (be sure to use the full value, ie 500px, or 33% – otherwise it won’t work!) If not set, Testimonials will size to their container.

What’s Going On?! When I use the [testimonials] shortcode, I’m not seeing anything that looks like your plugin!

Sometimes, your theme or other plugins have shortcodes in the same namespace as ours. In case you suspect this is happening, use the Shortcode Options on the Basic Settings screen to change our shortcodes — typically adding easy_ to our shortcodes will fix the problem!

My customers are submitting testimonials but no images are showing up. What gives?

As a security precaution, our plugin only allows users to upload images of the following file types: PNG, JPG, or GIF. If they attempt to upload a different file type, or choose not to upload an image, then no image will be attached to the Testimonial.

Some servers don’t have write permissions correctly set on the wp-uploads directory – in this situation you would also have issues with customers uploading photos.

Some of my testimonials are too tall and the text is cut off by the bottom of the slider!

This is caused by the container being too small to accommodate your long text. You can fix it by telling Easy Testimonials to adjust the height of the container to fit each testimonial.

If you’re using a shortcode, simply add the attribute container='1' in your shortcode and the JavaScript will adjust the height to match the content on each transition.

If you’re using the Testimonials Cycle widget, simply check the “Auto Height” option under Slideshow Options.

Help! I’m having issues getting the Slider to work on my site!

Try checking the”Use Cycle Fix” option and fully refreshing the page (to make sure any and all caches have cleared) — hopefully everything is working now!

Yikes! I’m getting a ton of spam!

Never fear, Captcha support is here! Go install and activate the plugin Really Simple Captcha. Once done, make sure you have the “Enable Captcha on Submission Form” box checked on your settings, and you should be good to go! Want a more advanced Captcha? Follow the steps on our Captcha settings screen to use ReCaptcha, instead.

I love everything about this plugin… but, I don’t know how to use it inside my Template Files! What do I do?

Don’t worry!

WordPress has a great function, do_shortcode(), that will allow you to use our shortcodes inside your theme files. For example, to output a Random Testimonial in a Theme file, you would do this:

<php echo do_shortcode('[random_testimonial count="1"'); ?>

I would really like to change the size of the images that are output. How do I do it?

Another good question! With the Pro version of the plugin, you can do this by controlling the Testimonial Image Size drop down menu on the Settings screen. Depending on your website, using bigger images may require CSS changes to be made.

When I Activate Easy Testimonials, I start having trouble with my Cycle2 powered JavaScript!

Oh no! Check the box that is labeled “Disable Cycle2 Output”. This will cease including our JavaScript.

I want my users to be able to submit new testimonials from the front-end. How can I do that?

Easy Testimonials Pro provides a Testimonial Collection form that allows your customers to leave new testimonials for you right on your website! Its a great way to make sure you always have new testimonials coming in.

When your customers leave you a new testimonial on your website using the Testimonial Collection form it will be added to a review queue in your WordPress dashboard for your approval, just like your comments. New Testimonials won’t be displayed on your website until they have been approved, but once they are approved they can be displayed instantly.

To add the Testimonial Collection form to your website, start by editing the post or page where you’d like to place the form. Then choose the Testimonial Form from the Testimonials menu, or simply add the shortcode [submit_testimonial]. The form will be shown right in this place.

My Random Testimonials Aren’t Random!

Uh oh!

We see this happen for two reasons. The most common reason is users on WP Engine who have random SQL queries disabled (a default WP Engine Setting.) If you are on WP Engine, look for ‘Allow ORDER BY RAND()’ and be sure you have this checked. If it isn’t checked, the same testimonials will always be displayed.

The other common reason this happens is due to aggressive caching. There are myriad caching options out there, and if you have the page with your Random Testimonials cached, then likely you’ll see the same testimonials quite often. They will eventually change, whenever your cache refreshes, but won’t change otherwise. Changing this will be specific to your caching setup.

Help! I’m Using the Avada Theme and My Testimonials Won’t Cycle!

Never fear, help is here!

This is a know issue – the root of it is that the Avada Theme and us are both using the same Javascript file, Cycle2. Due to how they are using the file, it prevents our plugin from transitioning, out of the box.

To fix this issue, look on our Settings page for an option labeled Use Cycle Fix. Toggling this option should address the issue.

There are grey boxes, weird styling, or font issues occurring in my output. What can I do?

That is unfortunate. One common issue is people who have copied and pasted the shortcodes end up with <code> tags around their shortcode. To check this, click over to your Text Editor and make sure you don’t see any <code> tags around the shortcode — if you do see them, just delete them and your problem should go away. If it doesn’t, Contact Us.

Where Do I Download The Plugin?

Click here to download from the WordPress Plugin Directory or click here to view in the WordPress Plugin Directory

Ack! This Testimonials Plugin is too easy to use! Will you make it more complicated?

Never! Easy is in our name! If by complicated you mean new and easy to use features, there are definitely some on the horizon!

Who is Illuminati Karate?

Illuminati Karate, Inc., is the parent company of GoldPlugins.com. You may see the name Illuminati Karate on PayPal.com or in various bits of documentation. Don’t worry! It’s just us.

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