Easy Testimonials Changelog


  • Fix issue with View More Testimonials link in various displays.
  • Add ability to show / hide review markup on a per-shortcode and per-widget basis.
  • Add ability to show stars with aggregate rating via testimonial_count shortcode.
  • Move “View More Testimonials” link outside of the Testimonial content to a more logical place, below it.


  • Compatible with WordPress 4.8.1
  • Update content filter for better compatibility with WooCommerce and Themes that integrate WooCommerce.


  • Address remaining issues with upgrade notice for legacy users.
  • Compatibility update for Widgets and certain WordPress themes.


  • Bug fix to improve performance after v3 update.


  • Bug fix to improve performance after v3 update.


  • Bug fix to improve performance after v3 update.


  • MAJOR UPDATE: Please Backup Before Updating!
  • Changes Upgrade messaging and process.
  • Updates Single Testimonial template for more powerful customization control.
  • Fixes issue with JSON-LD encoding breaking with various characters in testimonial content.
  • Various under the hood improvements.


  • Update Testimonial Slide Controls to support HTML values.
  • Compatibility fix for SG Optimizer.


  • Compatibility Update for 4.7.5
  • Admin UI Update
  • Adds Custom CSS Boxes for Phones and Tablets
  • Updates Cache to flush on options change


  • Update widget saving logic to handle checkboxes correctly.


  • Update the_content filter logic to work better with recent Pagebuilder updates.
  • Update custom columns logic to function better with recent WooCommerce updates.
  • Update widget logic to better function with various visual editors, including Pagebuilder.
  • Update base CSS to better address reports of large doublequotes inserted over Testimonials.
  • Update CSS for Carousel transition to prevent slides becoming too small on mobile screens.
  • Update Rating Input (backend) to use HTML5 number input.


  • Update Admin UI to function much better on RTL layouts.
  • Update Shortcode Generators to properly set show_date=”0″ when Show Date is un-checked.
  • Update maintenance tasks to no longer throw warnings when $version is unset.
  • Fix to layout of meta data in Bubble Theme.


  • Reverse default sort order to show most recent Testimonials first.
  • Update shortcode and widget defaults to show all meta data and otherwise match the examples shown.


  • Avatar Update: Adds new style of user avatars, Smart Text Avatars.
  • Better handling of Gravatars.
  • New unique fallback mystery people in each theme.
  • Support for user supplied templates.
  • Minor appearance updates.


  • WP Engine Compatibility Update
  • Adds Getting Started Screen


  • Carousel updates
  • Grid updates for mobile compatibility
  • Cycle2 fallback script update


  • Compatibility updates.
  • Makes review markup (schema.org) optional.
  • Updates schema markup to use JSON-LD.
  • Address occasional errors on Edit Testimonial screens with broken Featured Images.
  • Hide Dashboard widget from non-Admin and non-Editor users.
  • Bust front-end cache on options update.
  • Fix Tile Slide transition.
  • Address issue causing certain Pro transitions not to work if scripts were loaded asynchronously.
  • Hide Cycle2 console logging unless WP_DEBUG is set to true.


  • Minor compatibility updates.
  • Importer / Exporter updates.


  • Update for compatibility with PageBuilder by Site Origin.
  • Allow all image sizes to work in Free version.


  • Update Admin UI to work when other plugins or themes have enqueued jQueryUI on every admin screen.
  • Update content filtering to have better compatibility with other shortcodes inside testimonials.


  • Fix default object warning on PHP 5.4+ installations.


  • Fix issue with recaptcha.
  • Fix issue with using Easy Testimonials and other Gold Plugins software that have the new admin interface.
  • Fix issue with publication date showing the same, incorrect date for all testimonials in a list.
  • Fix admin notices for WooThemes Testimonials and Avada compatibility.


  • Update includes to use dynamic paths.
  • Fix issue with recaptcha.


  • Fix issue causing random_testimonial output to always be limited to one testimonial.
  • Fix issue with Cycle2 output causing minor issues on some sites.


  • Fix issue with content filter being run repeated, when Apply the Content Filter was checked and certain other plugins were being used, preventing white screens in liue of content.


  • Fix issue with manually crafted excerpts causing errors when being displayed.


  • Fix issue where bad ID’s passed to Single Shortcode would cause an error.
  • Fix issue where width parameter was being handled incorrectly before rendering testimonials.
  • Fix issue where Cycle Fix was causing a JS error when Disable Cycle2 include was also toggled.


  • Fix issue present when using Captchas in form.


  • Fix issue breaking output when using the Testimonial Form Widget.


  • Fix issue breaking output when using the Grid shortcode.


  • Fix issue with scheduling Hello Testimonials cron job.


  • Refactor underlying code to be better classified and more efficient.
  • Updates Options system to be more efficient and easier to use.
  • New Options UI.
  • Front End and Object Caching significantly decrease load times.


  • Address encoding issue causing “headers already sent” message on some sites.


  • Adds optional control to filter HTML from testimonials, addressing several issues where users had unexpected HTML appearing on their websites.


  • Encoding fix.


  • Security Release


  • Update CSS include to prevent validation errors and issues with some optimization methods.
  • Fix aggregate rating count to not include testimonials with no rating.
  • Validation fixes.


  • Updates javascript for compatibility.
  • Adds option to control author that Testimonials are submitted under.
  • Adds aggregate rating.
  • Fix issue with pagination on some sites.
  • Update CSS includes to load only the needed CSS on site.
  • Update CSS to work with various CSS minifiers not following @imports correctly.


  • Bug fix with manually crafted excerpts not appearing correctly.


  • Updates Excerpt customization to properly target testimonials in all scenarios.
  • Updates Excerpt output to no longer include additional data, such date and title, in some situations.
  • Updates Excerpt output to always link to the correct testimonial.


  • Address notice on some settings panels.
  • Update Typography to have better Reset to Default options.
  • Better alignment of text in Modern Theme.


  • Address issues with unset font attributes in some themes causing crazy appearances.
  • Address issue causing rating input on submission form to error when more than one submission form is on a given page.
  • Minor submission form cleanup.
  • Adds option to set Global ItemReviewed value
  • Compatibile with WP 4.5


  • Adds ability to pass category for submission form via shortcode.
  • Updates GP Media Button to prevent conflicts with multiple plugins using it.
  • Various admin interface updates.
  • Minor Cycled Testimonial updates and fixes.


  • Fix improper image attribute in shortcodes generated by Cycle and Random testimonial widgets.
  • Update admin UI.
  • Update Cycle2 for compatibility with Avada, preventing slides from disappearing after first transition.
  • Add messaging for compatibility options when using Avada theme.


  • Add options panel to allow customization of Submission Form Error Messages, better organizes submission options, uses better field descriptions.
  • Updates archive template compatibility with Avada.
  • Defaults Testimonials List to hide the View More Testimonials link, by default.
  • Updates Shortcode Generator to be more intuitive.
  • Minor fixes.


  • Fix issue with wall of text generated during CSV import.


  • Fixes double-encoded HTML appearing in Testimonial Category dropdown of submission form.
  • Fixes issue causing testimonial content to be cut off when using the slider on some themes.
  • Updates pagination to be formatted better and to have page number links.
  • Adds Pagination controls to List and Grid widgets.


  • Fixes slideshow height issue when using auto height settings.


  • Address double content display bug.


  • Adds new Filter, easy_t_get_single_testimonial_html, allowing for further customization of testimonial output by developers.
  • Fixes bug where some content was duplicated when using widgets on single views.
  • Updates output filtering to show testimonials using proper theme and style settings on Category, Tag, and Archive index pages.


  • Adds Testimonial Excerpt controls, allowing control of the length, text, and linkage of Testimonial Excerpts.
  • Fixes issues with certain Pro themes not allowing their font styles to be overridden by the Display Options.
  • Fixes issues with Pager Icons and Previous/Next buttons expanded past the set width of Testimonials on the Options panel.
  • Fixes issue with Pager Icons and Previous/Next buttons controlling every Cycle2 slideshow on the same page.
  • Adds option to display Pagers Icons and Previous/Next buttons Above or Below the slideshow.
  • Fix validation issues with missing alt text on Gravatars.
  • Minor Widget Updates, including defaulting Theme drop down to globally set option.
  • Updates Ratings display to allow control of Star Color.
  • Adds Typography settings for Location / Item Reviewed.
  • Update Random Testimonial function to run much faster.
  • Update Metadata display to not output blank fields.
  • Update Single Testimonial view to have properly constructed and styled testimonials, for people using Continue Reading links.


  • Adds Insert Testimonial buttons to the Visual and Text Editors, including all available methods such as Cycled Testimonials, Grid, List, Random, and Single.
  • Updates Modern Theme to allow different background colors.
  • Updates Widgets to allow collapsable fieldsets, preventing super long widgets interfaces.


  • Various theme fixes.


  • Updates Theme Selection interface
  • Fixes issue with custom fields not displaying in some themes.
  • Fixes issue with Product Reviewed field not displaying in Widget.


  • Update: adds new Testimonials Grid widget


  • Update: adds text-domain, sets up plugin to be translatable.


  • Fix: Properly reset post data to prevent double testimonials.


  • CSS fixes for testimonial grid.
  • Fix: unclosed row divs in some cases using grid shortcode.


  • Fix: address issue with endless loop on some Divi theme based sites.
  • Update: add ability to pass a list of IDs to [testimonials_grid] shortcode.


  • Adds [testimonials_grid] shortcode for outputting testimonials in a horizontal grid.


  • Adds reCAPTCHA as an option for the submission form


  • Updates Widgets to be compatible with WordPress 4.3


  • Compatible with WordPress 4.2.4
  • Fix issue with Featured Image setting in Widgets.


  • Compatibility update for older versions of WP. Minor updates.


  • New and Improved Testimonial List Widget, Testimonial Cycle Widget, Single Testimonial Widget, and Random Testimonial Widget


  • Fix: output correct labels for theme groups


  • Add Theme Selection to Testimonials List Widget.


  • Quick Fix for CSS positioning issue with Client Name and Client Position.


  • Shortcode Generator Updates, Fixes
  • Adds Gravatar Support
  • Adds Widgets: List Testimonials, Single Testimonial, Submit Testimonial


  • Update default text for third custom field.
  • Update schema.org markup to properly identify the itemReviewed, if set.
  • Update star ratings to output schema.org rating markup.
  • Update admin script includes to be compatible with Sonec themes.
  • Shortcode Generator Updates.


  • Adds new slideshow options, including previous and next buttons and option to disable auto transition.
  • Updates many Pro themes to be responsive.
  • Adds shortcode option to control width of output.


  • Reorder Cycle Fix includes.
  • Avada compatibility update.


  • Bugfix for advanced transitions on sites with Cycle Fix enabled.


  • Add Option to Exclude Testimonials from Site Search.
  • Adds Testimonials Search Form shortcode.


  • Reduces database calls around options to improve performance


  • Adds Recently Submitted Testimonials Dashboard Widget
  • Replace ` tags around shortcode examples with easier to use inputs
  • Updates Help Docs for clarity, ease of use
  • Swaps out pushpin menu icon for testimonial menu icon


  • Supports Pause on Hover for Cycled Testimonials
  • Compatibility check for Testimonials by WooThemes


  • JS Compatibility Update


  • Cycle2 Update – fixes issues with additional Cycle2 plugins


  • CSS Update, Cycle Fix Update, Compatibilty Update


  • Adds CSV Import and Export
  • Updates Cycle2 to 2.1.6
  • Compatibility updates, fixes


  • Make shortcodes easier to copy, and other misc admin UI updates


  • Adds Many New Color Schemes To Our Pro Themes
  • Updates Free Themes to support Star Ratings
  • Several bug fixes to themes to prevent layout from breaking
  • Font Color, Size, and Style options added


  • Minor admin UI updates
  • User Reported Bug Fixes


  • Feature: adds support for Categories to front end submission form.
  • Feature: adds new shortcode, [testimonials_count], that allows display of number of testimonials in the system.


  • Update: addresses issue that was preventing users from listing a Category full of Testimonials via /category-slug/ lists.


  • Addresses issue with PHP short tags inside shortcode generator.


  • Addresses issue with Hello Testimonials importing.


  • Adds general class to testimonial wrapping div, for better CSS targeting.
  • Adds schema.org itemReviewed markup to third custom field, Product Reviewed.
  • Adds shortcode attribute, show_other, that defaults to false, to control whether or not the third custom field is displayed.
  • Updates Pro Theme styles to support more features.
  • Admin Style cleanup.
  • Adds attribute based classes to wrapping HTML, to allow better user control of styling.


  • Fix: addresses issue with empty custom fields being displayed, causing issues with certain themes.
  • Fix: addresses box-sizing compatibility issue.


  • Fix: addresses issue where “Location / Product Reviewed / Other” custom label and description weren’t carrying through to the front end submission form.


  • Fix: address user reported errors.


  • Feature: Adds option third custom field, Location / Product Reviewed / Other, to allow more information collection and more display customization.
  • Feature: Adds option to redirect users to a specific URL after succesfully submitting their Testimonial.
  • Fix: Address issue with Cycled Testimonial Widget not displaying dates or remember Ratings as Stars options.
  • Update: Alter Cycled Widget to use a random order WP Query when displaying random testimonials – to prevent showing the same 5 testimonials in a random order every page load.
  • Update: Updates compatibility to WP 4.1.1


  • Fix: address issue with some incorrectly set settings data.


  • Feature: Adds ability to set the View More Text
  • Feature: Adds copyable Single Testimonial Shortcode display to Single Testimonial Edit screen.


  • Feature: Updates Testimonial Submission Notification e-mails to send to multiple addresses and optionally include the submitted testimonial.
  • Feature: Adds option to display star ratings via the Widgets.
  • Feature: Adds option to display the Testimonial Date via the Widgets.
  • Fix: Replace “Category Slug” field on Widgets with Category Drop Down selector.
  • Fix: Address issue where some options weren’t defaulted correctly.


  • Update: Fix incorrect default for custom single_testimonial shortcode.
  • Update: Change point that CSS is enqueued to improve compatibility with various caching plugins.


  • Update: add option to control registered shortcodes to allow compatibility adjustments for various themes and plugins.
  • Update: adds Themes to shortcode generator.


  • Fix: address issue where stars weren’t showing appropriately to logged out users.


  • Update: CSS tweaks.


  • Update: minify new assets.


  • Update: Adds 25 New Themes!
  • Update: Adds Show Publication Date and Show Star Ratings options to Shortcode Generator.
  • Fix: Addresses issue where Publication Date was output in an incorrect position when meta data was displayed below the Testimonial.


  • Fix: Address broken images on Style and Theme Options Settings.


  • Feature: adds ability to display testimonial publication date via shortcode.
  • Update: adds new shortcode options to shortcode generator.
  • Update: updates compatibility to WP 4.1


  • Fix: hide newsletter signup form from Pro activated users.


  • Fix: address compatibility issue with Tri.be Events Calendar.


  • Feature: Adds ability to choose a specific theme via the shortcode.
  • Feature: Adds integration with Hello Testimonials.
  • Feature: Adds output filters for greater developer control over display formatting.
  • Fix: Various bug fixes.


  • Feature: adds ability to use pagination with the list all testimonials shortcode.
  • Updates Help & Instructions with more details.
  • Updates Shortcode Generator to reflect more shortcode options.


  • Supports schema.org review markup.
  • Address issue with custom fields being lost during quick edit.


  • Address issues with easy-testimonials-admin.js
  • Address issue with shortcode generator using the incorrect value for random order.


  • Fix: address issue where the same title was being displayed repeatedly when using the Random Testimonial display functionality.


  • Fix: address issue where Testimonials Read More Link was being displayed in the full list of testimonial, when it is intended only to be displayed in random, single, or cycled testimonials.


  • Feature: adds shortcode generator to greatly increase ease of implementing plugin.


  • Feature: adds ability to control the number of testimonials that appear in each slide of the testimonial cycle. Defaults to one testimonial per slide.
  • Adds Help & Instructions Screen.
  • Adds submenu to Easy Testimonials Settings for easier navigation.


  • Feature: adds support for ratings to testimonials and the front-end submission form.
  • Cleans up Submission Form Options screen to be more legible.


  • Feature: adds support for front-end testimonial submission to the submission form.


  • Update: compatibile with WordPress 4.0.
  • Feature: adds support for pagers to cycled testimonials.

  • Update: Address 404 error with jquery.cycl2.js.map file in Google Chrome.


  • Update: reworks some things on the settings screen.
  • Pro Feature: new pro theme options available.


  • Feature: adds ability to control the order in which Testimonials are displayed.
  • Update: adds new compatibilty option to help some users who have slideshow issues.

  • Registration update.

  • Minor update.

  • Update: hides output of all but first testimonial when using cycled testimonial output.


  • Feature: adds ability to randomize the order of the cycled testimonials.


  • Feature: adds Captcha to Front End Testimonial Submission.
  • Update: add more classes to output to allow more control with CSS, such as client and position.
  • Fix: address undefined index notice in sidebar widget.


  • Update: adds option to apply The Content filter to Testimonial output.
  • Update: reposition custom CSS output for validation purposes.


  • Fix: address issue with Continue Reading links leading to 404 pages.
  • Update: respect wordpress content formatting in testimonials.
  • Fix: change position of Testimonials menu item, so that it doesn’t dissappear in some situations.


  • Update: adds wrapping class to submission success message.
  • Update: updates form output to properly use output buffering.


  • Feature: adds ability to control the labels, description, and display of certain fields on the submission form.
  • Feature: adds the ability to receive notifications at a specified e-mail address on new submissions.
  • Update: restructure queries to load a bit faster.


  • Fix: address deprecated function use in widget.
  • Fix: fix issue using Fade transition with the Widget.


  • Feature: Adds more javascript transitions to Pro version.
  • Fix: Addresses a PHP notice.

  • Update: Adds ability to use the excerpt with Read More functionality via the cycle shortcode.
  • Minor Feature: Adds ability to control output of images in the via the cycle shortcode.


  • Feature: Outputs shortcode to list testimonials in a category inside the Category list in the admin area.
  • Feature: Adds ability to control image display via the shortcodes.


  • Pro Feature: Adds the ability to control the size of images that are displayed.


  • Feature: Adds ability to create Categories for Testimonials, and to only display Testimonials by Category.

  • Fix: Fixes issue with “Fade” transition being locked out.


  • Feature: Adds option to output Mystery Man avatar, if no other image is available.
  • Minor Fix: Address CSS issue with sliding testimonials.

  • Pro Feature: Adds Support for more Cycle2 Transitions.

  • Compatibilty Option Update: Adds option to disable Cycle2 JavaScript that is included with Easy Testimonials.
  • Minor Fix: Address bug in single testimonial shortcode output.


  • Feature: Adds ability to display either the Excerpt or the Full Content of the Testimonial.
  • Update: Addresses compatibility issues with the slider on several different Themes by moving Javascript to Footer.
  • Pro Version Fix: Address bug with front-end testimonial submission.

  • Update: set height of sidebar testimonial cycle container to match height of content inside.


  • Feature: Adds Testimonial Cycle Widget to Appearance section.


  • Update: Shortcode examples to help embed single testimonials.
  • Feature: Support for Cycle 2 via Shortcode.


  • Minor Fix: address bug in registration.


  • New Pro Feature: Submit Testimonials from the front end!


  • Fix: only output testimonial titles in the widget if the option is checked.


  • Fix: output correct title with random testimonials.


  • Feature: ability to output title of the testimonial with the shortcode.


  • Fix: address mistargeted CSS in new theme.


  • New Style Available: Clean Style. With the clean style, you’ll get smooth looking avatars and a clean, clear layout for your testimonial text. Looks great with the TwentyThirteen theme!
  • Update: Adds Classes to paragraph tags in the testimonial list, for easier CSS targeting.


  • Fix: Featured Image should no longer break in your themes.
  • Feature: Ability to set a number of random testimonials to output, with the shortcode or the widget.
  • Feature: Ability to set a number of testimonials to appear via the standard testimonial shortcode.
  • Feature: Ability to set Custom CSS via the Settings panel.

  • Minor Fix: address warning message output when no pre-existing featured image support is found.


  • Fix: address issue where Featured Image support was only applied to Testimonials, after activating this plugin.


  • Fix: address some code quirks that were causing activation errors in certain web environments.


  • Fix: no longer display Read More when looking at full list view.


  • Fix: tiny CSS error.


  • New Feature: Adds support for themes, for easy styling. Includes a few themes.


  • Minor edits.


  • New Feature: Option to Display the Custom Fields above or below the Testimonials. Defaults to Below.
  • Update: Compatible with WordPress 3.6.


  • New Feature: Testimonials Now Support Images!


  • Released!