How To Install WP Social Pro for WordPress


Upload the plugin folder to your plugins directory. Once installed and activated, you will have access to the features shown in the below screenshots.

Follow Our 3-Step Easy Install Process!

Step One: Go To The Plugins > Add New Menu, and Then Click Upload

The Upload Tab of the Add New Plugins Screen In WordPress, Annotated With Instructions For Uploading A Plugin (as a zip file)

Visit the Plugins > Add New menu, and then click the Upload link. Once there, you’ll see the screen from this image. Click the ‘Browse…’ button and navigate to the zip file you received when you purchased the Pro version, and then click Install Now.

Step Two: Wait For WordPress To Install The Plugin, Then Click “Activate Plugin”

Wordpress" Plugin is finished uploading; now click Activate Plugin to complete the installation

Once the file has been successfully uploaded, WordPress will automatically unzip it and install the plugin. When this process is complete, you will see a screen like the one in this image.

Step Three: Configure Your Settings

You’re all done! Now its time to configure your settings. Just click the “Social Settings” menu in your WordPress admin to start configuring WP Social Pro.

Next Steps: Add Your Facebook Feed To Your Website!

With the plugin installed and activated, you can now add a Facebook Feed to any page of your website using the Shortcode, or as a widget in your sidebar.

Here’s some quick links to get you started:

Click Here to read the full instructions.

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