How To Add A New Scheduled Pickup

Adding a new Scheduled Pickup to the system is very simple. If you’re using WooCommerce and have selected Curbside Pickup as your shipping method, they will be added automatically. If you are using another system, you’ll need to add them manually.

Once a Scheduled Pickup is in the system, everything else remains the same.

Method 1: Scheduled Pickups are Automatically via WooCommerce (Preferred Method)

When you select Curbside Pickup as a Shipping Method in your WooCommerce store, scheduled pickups will be created automatically when your customers complete checkout. Once you’ve enabled Curbside Pickup as a shipping method, the software will take care of the rest.

When your customers complete their checkout, they’ll have an opportunity to select a delivery date & time, or simply go with the next available time (which will be preselected for them).

Your customers will see their scheduled pickup time on the WooCommerce Order Confirmation screen (aka the Thank You page) and in their WooCommerce email receipt. They’ll also receive a separate email with this information, which you can modify (or turn off) in the Curbside Pickup Settings.

Method 2: Add Scheduled Pickups Manually

If you’re not using WooCommerce its no problem – you can simply add orders yourself as you would a new Post.

Simply visit the Curbside Pickup -> Scheduled Pickups menu and click the Add New Button. Enter your pickup information and click Publish.

You customer will receive an email with their pickup time and location, just as they would with an automatically created pickup. You can modify (or disable) this email on the Curbside Pickup Settings page.