Displaying Your Staff in a List

To display your Staff Members in a list, please follow these simple instructions. To see a live example, visit our examples page.

Step 1: Edit the Page or Post Where Your Staff List Should Appear

You can add your Staff List to any post or page. You can also copy the shortcodes you create here and use them elsewhere on your website.

Step 2: Select Staff List from the Staff Menu

The Staff menu appears above the editor on any page or post, next to the Add Media button. This will bring up the Staff List dialog.

Step 3: Under the Style Options, Select List

Click on the Style heading to show the Style options. Then select List.

Step 4: Click Insert Now to Add the Staff List to Your Page

Click the Insert Now button to add your Staff List to your page. The Staff List will appear where you see the newly added shortcode.

That’s all! Your Staff List will be updated automatically when you add new Staff Members or update your existing Staff Member’s information.