Pickup Schedules

Pickup Schedules determine which hours are offered to your customers for pickup. You can create a new Schedule or modify an existing Schedule by visiting the WP Curbside -> Pickup Schedules menu in your WordPress dashboard.

Initially you will see one Default Schedule listed, with pickup times form 9 AM – 6 PM, Monday through Friday. You can delete or modify this Schedule as you wish. If you delete all of the available schedules, this Default Schedule will be recreated.

Creating A New Schedule

When you create a new Schedule, you’ll see the hours specified for each day of the week. By default, pickup is offered from 9 AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday.

For each day, you can specify as many intervals as you would like. For example, you could offer pickup from 9AM to 12PM, allow no pickups for one hours, and then allow pickups again from 1PM-10PM.

If you do not wish to allow pickup on a given day, simply set its Open and Close times to the same time (e.g., 12 AM for both).

Tip: The order of your intervals or if they overlap is not important.


You can also specify dates for which no pickup is offered at all, regardless of what day of the week it falls on.

To do so, simply click over to the Holidays tab, click into the field labeled “Select A Date”, and choose the date. You can add as many Holidays as you would like using the “Add another date” button.