Add a Staff Search Form To Your Website

To add a search form for your Staff Members, please follow these simple instructions. You’ll be able to choose from the Basic and Advanced Search forms, the latter of which lets your visitors search by First Name, Last Name, and Department.

Displaying The Search Form on Any Page or Post

Step 1: Edit the Page or Post Where Your Staff Search From Should Appear

You can add a Staff Search Form to any post or page. You can also copy the shortcodes you create here and use them elsewhere on your website.

Step 2: Select Staff Search Form from the Staff Menu

The Staff menu appears above the editor on any page or post, next to the Add Media button. Select the Search Staff Form button from the drop down menu.

Step 3: Choose the Basic or Advanced Form

The Basic form presents a single text field to your user, which will match any field in your Staff Members information.

The Advanced form lets your visitors search by First Name, Last Name, and Department.

Step 4: Click Insert Now to Add the Form to Your Page

Click the Insert Now button to add your Staff Search Form to your page. The form will appear right where you see the newly added shortcode.

That’s all! Your Staff Search Form is ready to use.

Displaying The Search Form with a Shortcode

You can also simply add the shortcode [search_staff_members] to any page or post on your website to display the Search Staff form. The search box will appear right where you’ve placed the code, so feel free to add any text around it.

You can also use this method add the Search Staff Form directly to any theme, using WordPress’ do_shortcode function.

Adding the Search Staff Form to a Sidebar Using the Widgets

If you’d like to add the Search Staff Members form to any sidebar or other widgetized area, simply add the Company Directory – Search Staff Members widget to your sidebar and click Save.