Displaying Your Staff Members

  • To display a list of staff on your website, use the shortcode [staff_list] in the page content area that you want them to appear.
  • To limit the Staff displayed to a specific category, use the shortcode [staff_list category='the_slug'], where the value of category is the slug of the Category you want displayed. You can locate the slugs by looking at the List of Staff Member Categories.
  • To display a Table of All Staff, use the shortcode [staff_list style='table']. To display a Grid of All Staff, use the shortcode [staff_list style='grid']. Please Note: Company Directory Pro is required to gain access to advanced features such as the Grid and Table views.
  • To display a single Staff Member on your Website, use the shortcode [staff_member id="123"], where the value of id is the Staff Member’s internal ID (you can get this shortcode by looking at the Staff Member List or the Edit Staff Member screen, inside WordPress.)